Lost in Transition (MacBook Pro commentary)

Unsanity.org: Lost in Transition: Overcane of Antflower Milk

Interesting, if rantish, piece on the new MacBook Pro’s feature differences from the PowerBook. Some significant, some not.

Modem? I could care less. I haven’t used dial-up in 6 years. Besides, just get a USB modem if you must.

Lack of dual-layer DVD durning? Well, that’s a bit stranger – it’s in the powerbook, why couldn’t they fit it into the MacBook Pro? Perhaps driver development is lagging application development.

Losing s-video is a pain. But if you don’t do presentations on TV screens, it isn’t a big deal.

FW-800 is probably the only significant serious loss. Again, maybe it’s a driver issue. Probably has to do with power management or board-layout issues though. Might get sorted out in future revs.

Adding the FrontRow functionality is just a waste of space on a “pro” machine. If you’re watching movies on this thing, it’s probably on your lap, not on some furniture all the way across the room. Might be handy for presentations though – I’m not familiar with the functionality of FrontRow, so I couldn’t say.

The ExpressCard functionality is nice to see. It’s one of those marks of Apple’s leadership stance – lack of legacy crap is a feature, imho.

Overall, I’m impressed with the MacBook Pro, on paper. I won’t buy a first gen, not by any means, but I’m sure that gen 2 will be very buyable.

Only question I have is: why “MacBook Pro”, why not simply “ProBook”?

Maybe that’s why I’m not in marketing. 🙂


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