Reason 3.0

So, after six months of lust, I broke down and purchased Reason 3.0 and it arrived yesterday. Finally. (Damn delays at customs! (Thankfully no additional costs.))

I’d been playing around with 2.5 for ages, then I got super busy with work and had no time nor inspiration. But things have slowed down a tiny bit and I’ve regained the desire to muck around with music – $600 and 5 days later, and I have this expensive toy sitting on my machine.

I’ve now been playing with 3.0 for a solid week and have cranked out a bunch of sketches. The new m-class mastering devices are very nice; I particularly like the stereo imager. The combinator is a great organizational tool. I’ve always had a few device configs that kept showing up across a lot of songs and this allows me to save and recall them instantly. However from what I’m seeing online, this is just the surface of what the combinator is good for; live performers (ie. not me) are going to get a kick out of the stuff that the combinator enables, though I guess most live guys go for Ableton Live now.

Overall, decent product, but I’m just a dabbler rather than a full-time musician.

PS. I’ll be putting MP3s of my stuff up for ridicule in the near future.


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