Google: Party Over

After missing earning expectations the honeymoon for Google’s stock appears to be over.

Some analysts have added that Google will soon face more significant competitive pressure from Yahoo! as well as Microsoft. Microsoft’s MSN Internet unit is set to launch a new online search tool for advertisers soon called adCenter this year.

All I can say about that is, “about time!” Google makes a search engine. A SEARCH ENGINE. They catalog information and let you go through that catalog, while presenting advertisements that relate to you search. That is essentially it.

They also have some add-on services, like email and local searching and mapping, but so does every other “portal” company in existence. Yes, gmail is very good (better than yahoo mail) but it’s just email, not a revolutionary concept. Google hasn’t done anything truly innovative since their search engine. Incremental improvements that drive the rest of the industry, yes deffinately, but nothing revolutionary and nothing that can’t be done by just about anyone.

They’ve acheived fantastic brand recognition, and that counts for something. But they need to produce something that sets them apart, that proves that all their Phds are doing something, that justifies their ridiculous market valuation.

To me, it just looks like Internet 2.0 is going to followed by Bubble 2.0 and I’d rather avoid that.

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