The impending death of UMD (movies)

This article has been making the rounds of the geek-web. Looks like WalMart is dumping its stock of UMD formatted movies.

Lets see what we have here:

  • A proprietary format that could only be used if you had a PSP;
  • that cost the same amount of money as a DVD;
  • doesn’t have all the extra-features of a DVD;
  • and doesn’t show the movie at full DVD resolution.

Furthermore, a canny PSP owner can just buy a big memory stick (yet another wonderful proprietary Sony media format), encode their existing DVDs, and transfer them to the memory stick to watch on the PSP. The device had its own built-in UMD movie bypass!

Wow, now there’s a formula for success!

The mere fact that any retailer got into UMD movie sales in the first place boggles my mind.


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